February 20th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
Destination weddings have been trending for several years now, and gaining popularity is the “engagement-moon.” Exotic locales certainly make the perfect backdrop for this special moment in time, and Baltimore couple Christina and CJ captured the spirit of their sunset beach proposal with wedding photographer Kenny Theysen. The couple planned a family vacation to Aruba with CJ’s family. Christine shares the story behind her surprise proposal:
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February 15th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick

Aruba is not only an ideal locale for that dream destination wedding—it’s also a dreamily romantic place to pop the question!  You’ve probably seen one of the many viral videos on social media of elaborately planned and staged proposals.  And while they can be creative, funny, romantic, emotional

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February 13th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
"I had always dreamed of a destination wedding on the beach. I wanted a traditional type of ceremony and reception in an exotic setting that would feel more relaxed and eliminate as much stress and pressure as possible. That being said, we knew we would have a large guest list and wanted the island to be easily accessible,” said bride Julie Ambrose when sharing why she chose Aruba for her dream destination wedding.
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February 9th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
For many couples, being pampered in a spa is the ultimate way to unwind and let go of the daily stresses back home. Aruba offers the spa-goer a variety of day spas to choose from, each uniquely imbibing the spirit of the island—from quaint outdoor beach cabanas to state-of-the-art treatment rooms. Many spas also offer locally inspired experiences that will make your day spa visit unique.
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February 3rd, 2017 // Author: Wendy
Azure blue seas, bright white sands, and a consistently warm and sunny climate make Aruba one of the most picturesque and romantic honeymoon destinations imaginable. After all of the activities that surround a wedding, most newlyweds want their honeymoon to provide a chance to relax, spend time with their new husband or wife, and have new experiences together. The laid back culture of Aruban vacationing leaves plenty of time for relaxing by the beach, but the island also provides many opportunities for adventure.
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February 3rd, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
Boston couple Kristen and Jamie O’Brien recently held their destination wedding on the beautiful shores of Aruba’s famed Palm Beach. Kristen has a personal connection to the island, having vacationed here with her family since she was a child.
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February 2nd, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
You are vacationing on an island paradise—the ideal canvas for romance! Sultry sunsets, dreamy starlit skies, breakfast on your balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea…it all just oozes amore. But for those that like to put a little get-up-and-go in their vacation and enjoy activities and experiences together, there are plenty of adventures awaiting the two of you!
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January 30th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
Many of us played the game of kickball as kids—you knew when the streetlights came on it was time to go home. The nostalgia of the game has led to a resurgence of the game for adults—after all aren’t we all still kids at heart? Fort Worth, Texas couple Yolanda and Jared met in an adult league that provided a casual, fun environment to hang out with friends and meet new ones, too. Although meeting while on opposing teams, the couple’s chemistry blended the two teams together, and love blossomed.
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January 26th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
Today’s growing global society puts a spotlight on the diverse traditions of cultures around the world. Weddings are often highlighted by local customs, culture, religions, and traditions, and today’s modern couples are embracing traditions outside of their own cultures and including them in their nuptial celebrations.
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January 23rd, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
Maria and James Forgione were recently wed on the shores of Palm Beach. The bride wanted every detail to ooze romance, choosing a simple, elegant color palate of white and champagne, which was carried out from the ceremony to the décor at the reception and ballroom dinner.
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January 19th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
Who needs crazy Uncle Sal to keep the party going when a photo booth will do the trick?! The photo booth has been trending big at weddings for the past few years, and it seems to be a trend that will continue for quite some time. As one destination bride told me, “…as soon as dinner was over, we opened up the photo booth and BOOM—our reception took on this crazy, fun vibe…even my normally refined and formal grandparents had a blast wearing the props and posing for the camera!”
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January 16th, 2017 // Author: Tina Causey Bislick
“True style comes when you follow your own rules.” Those are the words of fashion designer Kate Spade. Massachusetts bride Lindsay Oleson and her groom Mark Dettenrieder chose Aruba as the locale for their destination wedding, but put their own personal stamp on their seaside nuptials, and followed their own rules.
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What our brides are saying

Aruba was not only our first vacation as a couple, but a place we both visited as children…additionally, both his parents and mine went to Aruba on their honeymoon…its been a meaningful place in our lives and seemed the perfect choice.

Sabrina Kucherov
New York