Bouquet Ideas

October 18th, 2016

Sorry single ladies, these bouquets are just too beautiful for brides to toss away!  Our local florists create hundreds of bouquets every year, both for local brides and those who have chosen Aruba for their dream destination wedding.

"Attention to detail and uniqueness paired with the bride’s personal taste are paramount when creating a memorable bouquet".

- Local florist Shar Chatram.

Since Aruba is a desert island, growing bouquet-worthy flowers on a commercial scale is not practical.  Flowers are shipped to the island mainly from South America (Colombia) and Holland.  With the exception of a few flowers that bloom in certain seasons, just about any bloom can appear in a bouquet with enough lead time to order and ship it to the island.

The “it” flowers, informs Shar, seem to consistently be:

  • roses (no surprise there)
  • orchids
  • hydrangeas 

Brides wanting that exotic island look lean more towards brightly colored flowers like:

  • birds of paradise
  • lilies
  • gerberas
  • delphiniums
  • sunflowers

Here, a few Aruba wedding bouquet ideas from two local florists:

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL by Shar Chatram of Shar’s Flowers 

Aruba Wedding Bouquet by Shar Chatram flowershop: Magenta Orchids, Red Roses, Burgundy Tulips, Violet Delphiniums, Lavender Statice, Steel Blue Eryngium
A bouquet does not have to be a mammoth, cascading affair to make a statement.  The intensity of this bouquet comes from deep primary colors and the eye-catching pattern of the spotted, magenta vanda orchids. Bright red roses, deep burgundy tulips, rich violet delphiniums, lavender statice, and the spiky, steel-blue eryngium (an herb also known as sea holly) round out the ensemble. 

TONE-ON-TONE by Koolman’s Flower Shop

Aruba Wedding Bouquet by Koolmans Flowershop: Peach, blush, nude roses with seashells
Peach and nude colors as well as tone-on-tone palettes are on-trend for 2016.  Here, peach, blush, and nude roses get a seaside feel with the addition of seashells.

SIMPLE ELEGANCE by Shar Chatram of Shar’s Flowers

Aruba Wedding bouquet by Shar Chatram flowershop: White roses, hydrangeas, phalaenopsis orchids
White roses and hydrangeas are topped off with phalaenopsis orchids with a pop of deep pink in the center for a simple, sophisticated bouquet.

SUNSET HARMONY by Shar Chatram of Shar’s Flowers

Aruba wedding bouquet: roses, Asiatic lilies, eucalyptus
Aruba’s coral- and pink-hued sunsets come to life in this bouquet of roses, Asiatic lilies, and fragrant eucalyptus.

What our brides are saying

A destination wedding on a white sand beach has always been my dream…Aruba is a gorgeous island, the people are beautiful and warm and welcoming, food is amazing, the culture is rich, and to top it off, the humidity isn't outrageous…the ideal place for an exotic beach wedding.