7 Reasons Why Aruba is the Best Island for Caribbean Weddings

July 6th, 2017

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As a fellow bride–to-be, I completely understand the overwhelming feeling that comes with planning the wedding. Luckily, my dream wedding will take place on the One Happy Island of Aruba, meaning that there will be a minimal chance of rain, virtually no chance of having the party tents blown away by a passing hurricane, and a constant supply of sunshine combined with a cooling breeze to keep everybody from getting too hot. Weather-wise, at least, I really don’t have to worry about a thing.

Additionally, as an island with award-winning pristine white sand beaches, some of the best hotels in the Caribbean, incredible all-inclusive Caribbean wedding packages, and first-rate wedding planners willing to go above and beyond the call of duty; I feel incredibly fortunate to be having my wedding on Aruba, one of the world’s top Caribbean beach wedding destinations.

But what makes Aruba such a special spot for a destination wedding?
Presented below are
 7 reasons why Aruba is the best Caribbean island for beach destination weddings:

1. Perfect Weather

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach Brides Jake & Julie Boiano Wedding      

Ever heard people say that Aruba is the sunniest island in the Caribbean? Guess what, it’s absolutely true!
Though Aruba has some hills, we don’t really have any high mountains here to trigger rainfall, and our climate is typically dry and arid. More importantly, our sunny island is located outside of the hurricane belt, and we’ve never been directly hit by a hurricane.  
Never :). For future beach brides, that means the weather isn’t something to worry about on your big day! But better yet, you won’t have to plan for ways to cool down either, as our constant refreshing trade winds cool the air.

2. Safe and Reliable

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach Brides
Sabrina and Sasha Kucherov wedding

Not only is Aruba safe from bad weather, it’s also safe from just about everything else. As a matter of fact, Aruba is one of the safest Caribbean islands, as mentioned by the United Nations, and we have to thank our very stable, tourism-driven economy for that. Aruba is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which accounts for Aruba adopting the same welfare, social, and educational systems as Holland, which means that everybody has health insurance, and that our kids can study abroad, funded by government scholarships. Aruba has been ranked a “high income” Caribbean island (per the World Bank), allowing the locals to have a high quality of life, making people happy, and generally reducing the threat of crime.

3. Top-Rated Wedding Packages

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach BridesDjuna & Emmanuel Dauphin wedding 

Nothing makes for a better wedding planning process than having all of the costs bundled together in a Caribbean destination wedding package! Who has got the time to check out all the different vendors needed for a wedding to compare prices, then then make all those orders? If you don’t have a wedding planner at your disposal, this can be a tiring and time-consuming task. Luckily, our Aruba hotels offer multiple wedding packages, ranging from budget-friendly to all-inclusive Caribbean wedding packages, to the more deluxe, luxury packages, so you can plan the perfect beach or ballroom wedding, depending on what you want. Check them out here: 

4. Accommodations

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach BridesMaria and James Forgione wedding

As a premier Caribbean wedding destination, Aruba most certainly offers a broad range of accommodations; from the more high-end luxurious full-fledged resorts to charming boutique style hotels, from adult-only hotels to the more family friendly properties. We have an abundance of choices, making us a great destination for all types of brides-to-be!

Perhaps an all-inclusive resort will make it easier for you to keep the costs under control? Or, if you are looking for a more personal approach to lodging, why not consider staying in one of the smaller size properties in the low-rise area of the island? The low rise hotels are situated on the award-winning Eagle beach (voted third best in the entire world!) and Druif beach, both of which are tranquil, picturesque beaches simply perfect for weddings and honeymoons alike. If you are looking for more buzz on the beach and an active nightlife scene nearby, then staying in one of the high-rise hotels along the Palm Beach strip may be better suited for your tastes.

And for those seeking an ultra-luxurious experience, don’t forget that you can also rent a luxury villa for you and your entire wedding party to stay in. Aruba has a bounty of high-end, top-rated vacation rentals, ranging from beachfront villas to rustic, but well-appointed ‘cunucu’ houses scattered throughout the Aruban countryside.

5. Convenience

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach BridesSabrina and Sasha Kucherov wedding

Traveling to Aruba is easy! Our state of the art, award-winning Reina Beatrix Airport receives more than 16 daily flights from the US/Canada, most of which are direct flights. Make sure that you have your online ED-card filled in and you can even escape the lines at customs! Once you’re headed back home the Aruba Airport offers you US pre-clearance, which means that upon arrival in the US, you don’t have to go through US customs again.

After you land in Aruba, don’t fret, because there are plenty of taxis out front, as well as tour operators that will take you to your hotel or vacation rental. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to start exploring Aruba immediately, that’s no problem either, as there are plenty of car rental companies right outside the airport. I certainly recommend renting a car and exploring the island like that, as Aruba is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, so you can feel free to roam around and check out all the fun things to do! During high season (Dec-March) make sure to make timely reservations though!

6. Affordability

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach Brides
Kristen and Nicholas Conte wedding 

For the couples that are a bit more budget minded, don’t sweat it, because Aruba is still a fantastic place to have a Caribbean beach wedding on a budget. Instead of staying in a luxury hotel, you can opt to stay in a more affordable vacation rental or even in an apartment complex, without having to sacrifice much. Some of these more affordable accommodations also offer amenities that you would get in a hotel, such as housekeeping services, and all without having to dig deep in your pockets. If you do want to stay in a beach-front resort, and you know the date of your wedding well in advance, check if the hotel offers early bird rates, because those could lead to significant savings, or try to plan your wedding during the off-season, when things are significantly more affordable. And remember, if you are coming here with a larger wedding party, then be sure to check the group rates!


  • The Aruba Tourism Authority offers cash incentives based on the total number of room occupancies, with the minimum being 50 total room nights. Your local (Aruban) wedding planner can inform you further on this wedding incentive.
  • For weddings that will occupy more than 100 total room nights, ask your wedding planner to contact Hal Davis at h.davis@aruba.com or Dana Pederson at d.pederson@aruba.com.

7. The One Happy Honeymoon Program

Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach Brides

With a limited number of vacation days and perhaps also budget constraints, you may want to think about combining your destination wedding and honeymoon in one, as this will save you on both costs and travel time. Enter Aruba’s One Happy Honeymoon program, which features enticing perks and discounts.

Book with a participating resort or hotel, and let them know it’s your honeymoon to receive:

•        Preferred check-in service
•        A bottle of champagne upon arrival
•        Special gifts for the two of you
•        A free night when you return for your anniversary
•        Discounts and special offers on activities and attractions

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Aruba Destination Wedding | Aruba Beach Brides

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What our brides are saying

"Planning a destination wedding can sometimes be stressful being so far away, but the vendors and wedding planners in Aruba made it so easy and stress free. They answered emails and phone calls very quickly. They made the wedding of my dreams into reality. We wouldn't have changed anything…it was the best day of our lives! ".
Christine Castiello
Long Island