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About us

Elnathan Hijmering Photography is a Wedding Photography company providing high-end wedding photographs for over 10 years. What started in 2005 as a hobby turned quickly into a full time profession. 

My passion for photography started at an early age, when I was frequently experimenting with my father’s Olympus OM10 camera.

While graduating as Audiovisual Designer in The Netherlands, I felt the urge to explore the photography world even more and soon, I went back to pursue my true passion.

With a fast growing demand for destination weddings in Aruba, Elnathan quickly became a frequent sought after name. My work has been cherished by more then 1300 happy wedding couples from all corners of the world like The United States, Australia, Israel, Russia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile and many more.

Some of the many weddings included guests like Avatar's Zoe Saldana and Survivor's Robert Mariano aka Boston Rob.

My commitment is to only provide the best quality over and over again.

After all, you only have one chance of getting it right!