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John Zimmerman
Professional Wedding Photographer

Colosal Visual Studio is a photographic production company operating in Aruba producing high quality photographic images in conjunction with our clients. We offer vast experience in wedding photography and diverse areas including technical photography.

We take a personal approach from initial consultation to final product presentation and offer solutions and creative ideas to achieve the best for your vision on your wedding day. We are reliable, flexible, diverse, and strive to create long lasting client relationships.

By using the latest digital technology, we can provide a service without sacrificing quality. Our mission is to produce powerful images that impress upon the viewers.

My name is John Zimmerman a Professional Wedding Photographer. I graduated as a Photographer & Graphic Designer in the Netherlands.I offer all styles of wedding photography. I capture the essence of romance, emotions, joy and excitement of the day that only your wedding can express. I would describe my photography as modern, and call my style observational. My goal is to capture each priceless moment of your wedding day with great focus on the details, the wedding preparation, ceremony, reception and any before and after special customs. Emotions speak louder than words and I strive to capture them in an artistic fashion. You will see the traditional and classic photo journalistic images from editorial reporting styles to candid wedding photography images in a beautiful way. I also value posed portraits of the bride, groom, family members and friends. A photograph to me, needs to show an element of humanity and I often say that I simply photograph “people being people”. Especially for this reasons, I love photographing weddings. I’m honored each and every time I’m selected to be someone’s wedding photographer. I hope to be yours.